Fattie Prince

A Persian / Middle Eastern Restaurant

At Fattie Prince

We only use the highest quality ingredients.

Our 100% Australian lamb is flame-grilled in our restaurant and served with our fresh, crisp salads.

The Persian Kebab skewers are all marinated over night [in our secret ingredients] and cooked on charcoal-grill.

Delving into the heart of our culinary prowess, our Persian Kebab skewers are a masterpiece in themselves. Marinated overnight in a blend of secret ingredients, each skewer is a work of art, brought to life on the charcoal-grill. The infusion of flavors through this meticulous process guarantees a culinary journey that tantalizes the taste buds.

All our recipes are created by our chef (FATY) who balances the flavours and ingredients to perfection every time. Then we taste test with our executive chefs (Famous chefs from Iran, Azerbaijan, Maragheh) and serve it up the way you like it. 


Our Story:

Located at the heart of CBD, Fattie Prince serves the best Persian dishes.

Our chicken, Lamb, and Beef are 100% Australian, sourced from Australian farmers. At Fattie Prince, caring about great food means caring about every stage of production, which is why we hand-make every menu item every single day to balance flavour and ingredients to perfection.

Since 1995, our chef (FATY) has been serving Persian dishes and she now owns Fattie Prince which has been known as the best Persian restaurant in Melbourne after just 6-months of being open. Here at Fattie Prince managed by Ali Marami, we serve food of the highest quality.

Not only does this apply to our signature Persian Kebab skewers cooked on Charcoal-Grill, but also it applies to our Turks Donër Kebabs. Our Lamb Doner Kebab is 100% Australian Lamb (not mixed with anything else – 0% Beef). Every menu item is freshly made every single day. 

Is Our Meat Halal?

Yes! It absolutely is. All our meat suppliers are 100% certified Halal. Therefore, our entire menu is Halal. Enjoy your next meal with 100% ease of mind at Fattie Prince!

Do we have vegan or vegetarian options?

Of course! “Sabzworld and Samosas” are our popular vegetarian options on the menu. However, it can also be vegan by swapping the house-made garlic galore sauce with Smoky BBQ or other sauces of your choice! Just let us know and we will take care of you.

Is the food Nut-Free?

While over 80% of our products are nut-free, we do use almond and pistachios in some of our products including “Slow-Cooked Lamb Shank” and “Great Tradition”. Therefore, cross-contamination may occur. We strongly advise you to let us know if you have any allergies prior ordering.


Fattie Prince
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MK LimMK Lim
08:21 02 Jul 24
Matt S.Matt S.
03:22 02 Jul 24
Amazing Persian cuisine at Fattieprince ! Every dish was flavorful and perfectly cooked, from the tender kebabs to the aromatic saffron rice. The service was top-notch and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. Highly recommend!
Oliver HeathcoteOliver Heathcote
03:38 01 Jul 24
The hsp filled me up very well 😋😋The great food and great service made it a very nice experience. 🤑 Would recommend. 🥵🥵🤩😍🙏🙏
Karson ChanKarson Chan
03:35 01 Jul 24
mmmmm im so full
Paul ShenPaul Shen
03:35 01 Jul 24
good value 🧍🏿
Aseman OmidiAseman Omidi
06:12 08 Jun 24
If you are looking for quality and delicious food, look no further. We throughly enjoyed the Persian kebab platter and it was the best Persian kebab we had in Melbourne so far. It’s a small family run business with a lovely couple and their service was as great as the food. We will recommend this to everyone and we’ll be back soon. Thank you for this lovely experience.
11:15 19 May 24
I recently had the pleasure of dining at Fattie Prince, and it was an exceptional experience from start to finish. The Persian kebabs were absolutely delicious, cooked to perfection with a wonderful blend of spices that brought out the rich, savory flavors of the meat. Each bite was tender and juicy, leaving me eager for more.The service was equally impressive. The staff was attentive and friendly, ensuring that our dining experience was nothing short of delightful. They were knowledgeable about the menu and eager to make recommendations, which we appreciated. The ambiance of the restaurant was warm and inviting, adding to the overall enjoyable experience.If you're looking for a place that serves authentic and mouth-watering Persian kebabs with top-notch service, Fattie Prince is definitely worth a visit. I can't wait to return and try more dishes from their menu!
Nick ChangNick Chang
07:31 02 Feb 24
Great stuff! Haven’t had too much Persian food before but I should, because this was amazing! Got the fire n desire kebab, mixed grill plate, and their chicken wings.Meat super tender and juicy for all of them, really well seasoned. They have a “house sauce” and “garlic galore” sauces that was delicious on everything.Will visit again soon!
11:21 11 Jan 24
First time trying Persian dishes. Enjoyed my pretty big portion of joojeh platter. However, I felt like something was missing. Maybe because I got used to having bread and dips with my kebab platter. Nonetheless I recommend this place if you wanna try Persian dishes!